Of the Association in Kalamata, Municipality of Kalamata under the name “CULTURAL & DANCE ASSOCIATION OF KALAMATA “DANCE CHALLENGE ”

The Dance Challenge Association is a cultural  & Dance Association that began in October 2017 in Kalamata, Messinia in Greece and has evolved into a collaboration of an organization of different dance events including dance competitions, dance festivals, dance camps, dance seminars-workshops-lectures, dance parties- shows of all kinds of dances with an emphasis on International Latin & Ballroom Dance.

‘Dance Challenge’ Association is recommended by  C.I.D. – UNESCO (Conseil International de la Danse),  W.A.D.F (World Artistic Dance Federation) and can cooperate with all dance federations as I.D.O. HELLAS (International Dance Organization), National Dance Council of Greece (Ε.Σ.Χ.Ε.), Greek DanceSport Federation (Ε.Ο.Α.Χ.), World Dance Council (WDC), IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) & more.

Until today, the Dance Challenge Association has successfully organized various events and festivals with the cooperation of famous national and international dance teachers, distinguished guest coaches, champions, and judges and all of this with the collaboration of most Dance Schools of our city.  Our next station is the organization of KALAMATA DANCE CUP (Dance Competition & Training Camp) on 20-21 October, 2018 in Kalamata, Greece.

Dance seminars/workshops (individual and group) were held during these events with the aim of training dance teachers, developing and improving the dancing level of the city’s dancers, promoting competitive dance (DanceSport), as well as preparing dancers in all dance disciplines and categories (solo, couples, group) for their future participation in various Dance competitions-festivals held in Athens and abroad.

In 2018, Dance Challenge Association has also made successful collaborations with the Kalamata Carnival Committee, through group dance shows of dance animations,  the International Golf Championship Messinina Pro-Am, in Costa Navarino during the “Dance Charity Night”, the Athens Dance Festival which is successfully organized annually in Athens as well as other organizations.


“On Day… Dance Challenge Camp”  on 10 June, 2018,  involving food, drink and all day dancing by the sea in the paradise destination of Petrochori, Messinia.

“Weekend… Dance Challenge Summer Festival” on June 30-July 1, 2018 with over 80 participating dancers from Athens, who performed dance shows in cooperation with local dancers from Kalamata.  This Festival had the honor of welcoming the distinguished Dance Artists Oleksandr Bakharyev (Professional Dancer in International Latin, Dance Champion of Greece and a top ten finalist in the famous TV Show “So You Think You Can Dance” of Greece) and Byron Espin G (Professional Dancer in Salsa and Bachata from Ecuador).


These and other successful past events of the Dance Challenge Association, have proven that the city of Kalamata has outstanding dance teachers with a lot of love and passion for their work, which they can in turn transfer to their students.  Kalamata is also home to many talented dancers in various disciplines and categories of dance which has been acknowledged through their numerous cups and medals in national dance competitions.  Thus, Kalamata has established a successful dance force that makes a strong presence on the dance floor.

Kalamata is also internationally recognized as the City of Dance, which makes it the ideal city for conducting Dance Competitions. The upcoming KALAMATA DANCE CUP, an International Open Dance Competition & Training Camp further strengthens the cultural and athletic prestige of the City of Dance.  The Kalamata Dance Cup and the Annual Kalamata Dance Festival which is ever-increasing in success every year, can only culturally upgrade the area in the field of dancing.  Furthermore, Kalamata is only a 2 hour drive from Athens the Capital of Greece and offers its own International Airport.  The natural beauty, climate and local delicacies of Kalamata and the surrounding areas, also offer a unique opportunity for guests to combine their participation to the Dance Cup Competition with unforgettable relaxation and holidays.

The past and ongoing success of the “Dance Challenge” in its past events, as well as its ability to unite many dance schools and dance associations make it appropriate for the implementation of such a project in the city of Kalamata.  Through its responsible organizer Ms. Nina Drakou with a 19-year experience in dancing, and active dancer in international Latin, Greek Champion in the category Open Latin One Dance Adult Pro-Am, a successful organizer of various dance events in Messinia that has collaborated with many international coaches, judges and organizers of Competitions and Festivals both within Greece and abroad, this vision will become a reality on 20-21 October, 2018 in Kalamata.


Of the Association in Kalamata, Municipality of Kalamata under the name “CULTURAL & DANCE ASSOCIATION OF KALAMATA “DANCE CHALLENGE ”



Article 1c

An association called “CULTURAL DANCE CHALLENGE ASSOCIATION” is based in Kalamata, Municipality of Kalamata. The Association can also establish its offices in other parts of Greece.

Article 2c

The aims of the Association are: 1) The development of the spirit of noble rivalry and solidarity among the Greeks, as well as the promotion of rivalry, sociability and fellowship, 2) The elevation of the cultural and cultural level of the Greeks as well as their entertainment 3 ) Respect for the cultural and cultural heritage of Greece and especially the promotion, promotion, support and upgrading of dance, 4) The development of cultural activity by organizing events, lectures, festivals, dancing, 5) The development of actions for the teaching and dissemination of traditional, European, Latin and athletic dance dances and, in general, the upgrading of dance in all its forms and aspects; 6) The organization of courses, seminars, workshops, competitions and other events related to the learning, dissemination and noble competition of candidate dancers, 7) The preservation, enhancement and dissemination of the world-wide qualification given to Kalamata as “City of Dance”, 8) Recognition of the global character of dance 9) The organization of excursions as well as trips inside and outside the Greek territory, 10) The creation of cultural centers, folklore museums, hostels for the service of cultural events, 11) The cultivation of relations between members of the association and other spiritual, dance and cultural associations, 12) the promotion of volunteering and philanthropic spirit, 13) the elaboration of proposals and promotion of projects for the right tourist and cultural EVELOPMENT Greece, in cooperation with all local actors.

Article 3c

The aims of the association will be achieved by any legal means and in particular by the following:

  1. A) By organizing offices to facilitate communication


10) The creation of cultural centers, folklore museums, hostels for the service of cultural events, 11) The cultivation of relations between the members of the association and other cultural, dance and cultural associations, 12) The promotion of volunteerism and the philanthropic spirit, 13) the elaboration of proposals and the promotion of projects for the proper tourist and cultural development of Greece, in cooperation with all local actors.